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Guild Black Jack Tables Require 50 cards

Experience gains against another player (currently oi only)
You receive 5 cards xp for a loss and 15xp for a win.
You receive 3xp for selecting your cards, even if the game isn't completed.
You receive 1xp if the other player times out while choosing cards .
You receive 8xp if the other player times out while playing cards.

Experience gains playing Black Jack
You recieve 0 cards xp for a loss, 2xp for a draw and 8 xp for a win.

Available cards

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Retired cards

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Card values
Triple letter cards:
Magic Fish Card – 4ABC
Jungle Card – 1ABC

Double letter cards:
Cards Card – 6AC
Golden Tinderbox Card – 6BC
Ghost Card – 5AB
Golden Pocketknife Card – 5AC
Invasion Card – 5AC
Shock Card – 5BC
Delivery Card – 3AB
Recipe Card – 3AB
Royal Card – 3AB
Griffin Card – 3AC
Pirate Card – 3AC
Aluminum Card – 3BC
Sawmill Card – 2AB
Combat Card – 2AC
Goblin Card – 2AC
Present Card – 2AC
Cruise Card – 2BC

Single letter Cards:
Spork Card – 8B
Stitching Card – 8C
Fountain Card – 7A
Golden Hammer Card – 7A
Royal Traders Card – 7A
Dragon Card – 7B
Birthday Card – 6A
Golden Pickaxe Card – 6A
Giant Card – 6C
Christmas Card – 5A
Hobgoblin Card – 5A
Museum Card – 5A
Mythral Card – 5A
Storage Card – 5A
Golden Hatchet Card – 5B
Silver Pocketknife Card – 5B
Celebration Card – 5C
Crafting Card – 5C
Duranium Card – 5C
Magic Card – 5C
Beetle Card – 4A
Golem Card – 4A
Oyster Card – 4A
Poison Card – 4A
Repair Card – 4A
Lucky Trader Card – 4A
Dark Card – 4B
Elven Card – 4B
Golden Chopping Card – 4B
Titanium Card – 4B
Tuna Card – 4B
Adamantite Card – 4C
Apple Card – 4C
Glass Card – 4C
Lobster Card – 4C
MP restore Card – 4C
Peach Card – 4C
Rhizard Card – 4C
Traders Card – 4C
Bat Card – 3A
Elephant Card – 3A
Fire Card – 3A
Furnace Card – 3A
Hawk Card – 3A
Nagaromi Card – 3A
Pear Card – 3A
Plum Card – 3A
Steel Card – 3A
Deep Sea Card – 3B
Iron Card – 3B
Mackerel Card – 3B
Pike Card – 3B
Grizzly Bear Card – 3C
Haddock Card – 3C
Stone Card – 3C
Water Card – 3C
Chef Card – 2A
Coal Card – 2A
Copper Card – 2A
Flounder Card – 2A
Wood Card – 2A
Harvest Card – 2B
Leather Card – 2B
Lion Card – 2B
Sandstone Card – 2B
Shark Card – 2B
Sugar Card– 2B
Tin Card – 2B
Bass Card – 2C
Bear Card – 2C
Cougar Card – 2C
Ivory Card – 2C
Mountain Lion Card – 2C
Snow Card – 2C
Turtle Card – 2C
Wolf Card – 2C
Deer Card – 1A
Lumber Card – 1A
Speed Card – 1A
Fox Card – 1B
Greenhouse Card – 1B
Bronze Card – 1C
Mountain Goat Card – 1C

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Total number of different types of cards = 110

39020 players collect cards
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