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Movoda Rules

Please read all these rules, if you have a question please send a message to a Moderator. These rules are subject to change as necessary for the good of the game. By playing this game you agree to these rules and will adhere to them.

General Rules

These are just general common sense things designed to keep the game fair and enjoyable for everyone. This is not an all-encompassing list, but guidelines for what is not allowed.

1. Using Bots
Having another person, or program click the Bot check or play for you is strictly against the rules and could get you banned. You are not allowed to use anything that gives your character an unfair advantage in the game. This also includes having multiple accounts, each person is allowed one account, if for any reason you need to change your account message a mod about it.

2. Obscene Language
Movoda is a game with players of all ages and languages. Although we don't expect all players to speak like perfect angels, we won’t tolerate using any obscene Language. This includes racism, cursing, and even “Shut Up.” There are areas where you can talk as you like, but for any messages available to be read by the entire game population you are expected to keep the language clean.

3. Harassment
Being rude and annoying to someone after they have asked you to stop is against the rules. Any messages meant only to harass or annoy another player can be considered harassment. Joking around is okay, but if someone asks you to stop then it is time to change the subject. This also applies to mods or any staff members, questioning the actions of a mod in public chat or calling for the mute of another player can all be considered harassment.

4. Abuse of Game Bugs
If you find a bug, report it. If you exploit it you may be subject to banning.

5. Impersonating another Player / Moderator / Admin
This is NOT allowed. Using the tag Admin, or Mod / Moderator or anything designed to look similar to these words is not allowed. The same goes for other player names, any account created with the intention of fooling people into thinking you are someone else will be banned. You should also not post things anywhere where you attribute something to someone who did not actually say it, posting fake “quotes” into chat or the forums which put words in someone else's mouth can be considered an attempt to impersonate them.

6. Character Names
If your character name breaks any of the rules stated here you could be removed or your name changed without your consent.

7. People playing from the Same Location
Message Moderator and let the moderators know all the character names that will be sharing the location. Never access each others accounts. You may only bot check and play for yourself. Two people on the same device at the same time is prohibited. If you are sharing a device, one must logout before the other can then login. Item sharing and being in the same guild is fine.

Chat Rules and Forum Rules

Keeping in mind the general guidelines above, these are the general things to avoid in chat and in the forum, including your signature.

Avoid using any profanity in chat. This includes misspellings or attempts to hide the word if it is still clear what is being said. This also includes guild tags and repeating other players names if they violate the rules. Also minimize use of words which may only be considered impolite, you may be warned if you repeatedly use “borderline” language.

Posting too many lines within a short period of time may be considered spam no matter whether the content is relevant or not, the chat should not scroll so fast that things are missed in normal conversation. Posting extremely long lines or lines with no relevant information in them may also be considered spam if done repeatedly. Excessive yelling (caps) may also be punished as spamming.

English Only
Please use English in the main chat. All of the main game text is in English, so most players are able to understand at last some English. This is not necessarily true of any other language, and it is not fair to have things in the main chat which only some players can understand. There are other methods of communication where you can use the language of your choice, when speaking in the public areas use English to the best of your ability.

Harassing any player for any reason is not allowed. Harassment is anything which is done with the intent of annoying a specific person. It can include, but is not necessarily limited to, name calling, threats, repeated rudeness, displaying personal information, attempts to get personal information, begging for money or items, repeating another player's words, making false statements about another player, or anything repeated a number of times after being asked to stop. This also includes harassment of moderators or staff members, arguing about a punishment in public or repeatedly calling for someone else to be muted. Things like jokes are okay if they stay within the other rules, but if someone objects or you go too far you will be warned. If you continue after a warning other actions will be taken.

Sexual Topics
This is a place where people of all ages are welcome to play, any sexual topics, whether explicit or implied, should be kept out of chat. This also includes posting links to materials that are not appropriate for all ages and sending explicit or suggestive messages to people you are aware are underage. Attempts to hide suggestive language in normal conversation will not be tolerated, there are plenty of ways to say things that are not suggestive, if you continue to word things suggestively you will be punished for it regardless of your intent.

Trolling other players, if deemed excessive, will result in a mute. Trolling or baiting the bot will result in a mute. When the bot is provoked, he mutes for almost anything and the mutes get out of hand. This includes, but isn't limited to, tricking people into mentioning things that the bot doesn't like, continuing a conversation which has already seen other people warned and / or muted (including warnings given by Moderator), and 'testing' the bot to see what type of mute times are handed out.

Quests are considered personal in Movoda. Quest questions ought to be answered personally by message, /msg or in guild. Posting too much detail / walkthroughs etc anywhere except guild chat and guild forums can be subject to a mute. The same holds true for specific questions about a quest. Asking about a possible bug is a grey area and may be answered with “yes” or “no” (see also General Rules 4.).

Manual Rules

Yes the manual can be edited by anyone, that doesn't mean it is appropriate to change whatever you want in it. Any changes made in the manual can be reverted and traced back to the person who made them if necessary.

1. Editing a players custom page is not allowed unless given permission by the person.
2. No Cursing, racism, or rude editing of any page.
3. No deleting of information in the Manual is allowed.
4. No quest walkthroughs.