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As you may or may not know, Movoda is now running on its own dedicated server. There are ads on the pages, but at this point they aren't bringing in enough to cover the cost of the hosting so the majority of the costs associated with keeping the site running are paid for through player donations.

At the moment I have Paypal setup, if you are unable to use Paypal and still want to donate you send me a message and we can work out some alternate method depending on what is available to you. I am working on adding some extra bonuses in-game for those who donate, nothing that will affect the gameplay, but some extra cosmetic stuff as a little “Thank You”. All donation numbers are cumulative, 2 $5 donations are the same as a $10 donation.

Here are the current bonuses for donators:

The donation system has been updated to allow automatic processing of donations. When your donation is processed you should receive notification both via email and through an in-game message as long as the system could determine which account it was for. This message will give you a locker number and combination, then in-game you can visit the item storage lockers at Ponat and use that combination to open the locker. Inside you will find Quainium Coins which are valued at $0.10 each, you can either redeem them yourself to add onto the donation level of your account or pass them on to anyone you want. If you want to give them to someone anonymously the holiday post will allow sending them for the small price of 20V. They can be split up anyway you want or passed on to the right person if the detection gets the account wrong before they are actually added onto any donation level. If you have any problems just send me a message in-game and I'll sort it out.

Use these buttons for a one-time donation:

By request I'm also going to try out putting a subscription link. Should work basically the same but you can set it to repeat automatically after some period of time. Once set up Paypal should give instructions for cancelling it or drop me a message and I can cancel it so it won't make any more future charges.

Amount: $
Repeat every Month(s)

The form below is to actually add the coins onto your donation level once you have them. This two step process, while a little more complicated than having it added automatically, adds a lot of flexibility as to what you can do with your payment and allows you to easily donate for friends or guildmates without sharing any personal information. When you are ready to add the coins onto the donation level of your account you can fill out the form below to either use the coins directly from a locker where they were delivered or from your inventory. Keep in mind that the amount given here is in whole dollars, you will need to have 10 Quanium coins per dollar for it to work.

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