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Member Since: 2007-08-20 08:24:28
Active playing time: 598 Days, 9 Hours, 24 Minutes
Member Number: 0000002813
Character Experience: 60,321,598
Character Level: 87
Highest Skill: Cooking Level 107
Nationality: Erfdarian
Guild: Border Patrol
Guild Position: Taco Slanger

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Love your profile song on myspace :) Ichi

Mizu was here to thank you for his new graphic made by his favourite cook <3

tiggger bounced on ur page


nnej was afraid to sign this page.

trubble popped in to say “hi shimi”

*Scoffer pokes head in and rummages round* Namina?!?! *runs*

Santa Larry says: Hey, hey Shimmy *hugs* Awsome Wiki Page... O.o Why is it called a Wiki Page :D

Remembamehah :hugged: Shimi and her page ;)

SGT-T planted explosives here.

your page is amazing, and i love your poems. (: -punkie

Shadow stopped by and :hugs: shimmi

Hi Miss Namina! Int

Icyice slipping in

Thought about coming in and conquering the page to leave my mark, but couldn't do that to ya :)- Damien

A hello and hug to a great cook.

Mercury Knight was here to pay his respect to someone who deserves it.

Sir Theta is just signing back... Great page btw, love the sidewalk poems ;)

hey shimi-jinxy

Janina Lynn high fives Shimi ;) found you back.

Hey shim I dropped by to see your page, nice stats

Tiggger Bounced on you page

Scoffer was unchained long enough to come say hi

Receze Was here :)

Andi stopped fishing to say hi, i know, get back too fishing :P

birdcage363 flies by petting the kitty, hoping not to get eaten

HaZ_ gazed upon this page...while cookin' crappyfish

hello there, Yoshi was here, nice page and keep up the cooking

!!(purple)Fiana stopped by to give you a pixie hug

Blackheart: Invasion scheduled against Shimizu's Page on 20080617 18:52:13

Every army knows that it is only as good as the cooks that cook for it..

Scarecrow came by to make sure Shimizu takes care of the Peppers.

imalive595 came by to admire your page =)

SirThetastopped back in again to drool over the artwork and thanks Shimi for the awesome new backgrounds for the exp graphs stopped by to say thanks for the cool pics — And the good FOOD!!

Elenwe_Greenleaf is sorry that she killed the pretty Shimizucat and that it took me too long to sign this.

Thank you for my new page!

I'm in love with your wiki page and thankyou for the guild sig <3


spun his web here. Pretty pretty.

stop by to give you kitten nip.

Hera stopped in to give Shimz a hug :)

Thanks for the Avatar Shimi :bow:

Tori Lou left some fun kitties for the kitteh
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Thanks for all your help and I promise never to ask you to cook a Sun Sized order. Only the Icon of Beorn is Sun Sized.

Sava has stoped by and left his evil plant for you hi Shimizu

Great page and thanks for all the help,oh great cook:D-Ahnaf
Translation : Give me Hera and I won't hurt your Scoffs

I am here to protect your page from evil.
Uphold Truth, Justice, and everything that is just right.

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lucian has bitten you and left you forever changed

Guin passed through giving you some loving on her way

Comes in to Hug You