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Guild Compound

At most locations 3 guilds can be established. When a new compound slot becomes available, it will be allocated to one of the guilds that has expressed an interest in obtaining a compound. Notes from mskwik:

Still somewhat a work in progress but it's gotten to the point where it's somewhat usable so I figure I might as well post basic instructions and give people a chance to get in the running before it actually starts handing out spots.

The basic story is that it is now up to the game's NPC population to decide who gets new compound spots. As with any open election there are things you can do to improve your chances of being picked, anything from speeches and campaigning to outright bribery may affect your voters. Once you announce that you are actively looking for a compound spot (found in guild stuff) your guild members will start to see small quest pieces around where they can gather support from various NPCs for your compound bid.

Every guild trying to get a compound will have a score that shows how well they are doing (also shown in guild stuff when >0). This score will go up with every quest part completed by a guild member and will go down gradually over time. When a compound spot becomes available it will be offered to the guild with the highest score first and so on down the line until someone accepts it (probably via a message sent to the guild leader with 24 hours to respond to accept).

Each eligible person will have no more than 1 quest part available at a time. After completing 1 it will take some amount of time before another shows up (so plan ahead, you can't rack up a huge score in a short period of time). Unlike the small deliveries they will not remain in the same spot if not started, the quest that is available to you may change or move around until you start it at which point it will go on your quest log until completed. If you are no longer in a guild or your guild has a compound when you do finish that part the score will not count (but the quest part won't go away until completed). While each part is for an individual person they do tend to follow overall patterns so you may help the rest of your guild spot their own parts by working together

Think that covers the basics, still working on building up the number of small quests so they might be somewhat repetitive to start but we're getting there. Will give a week or so before it starts actually handing out spots so there is time for guilds to get higher scores built up (since there's at least a few open spots now)


It will choose the first spot available and offer it to the guild with the highest score. If they accept they get it, if not it gets offered to the next highest scoring guild. Then it will repeat with any other spots available and keep going with the same process on new spots as soon as they open up.


It's up to 1 quest available per person, not per guild. It will offer quests to people who have been in the guild for at least a week. With the exception of the creator of the guild who can start questing for a compound as soon as they reach guild level 5.

Guild Compound Reclamation

Just a note that with the guild wars down temporarily and combat rankings changing I also took the opportunity to make the adjustments to the activity level needed to keep a compound that have been planned. The level that is currently set as required to maintain a compound is 10% of the average exp gain of the bottom 10 guilds who currently have a compound (Measured over the past 30 days).

Currently this works out to about 600xp over the month, but I suspect it will go up slightly as the bottom of that list gets knocked off. I should also note that it won't reclaim spots unless there is a guild looking for a spot available to replace them.

Storage Logs

From mskwik:

You can find the new log viewer under guild stuff, eventually it will replace the forum logs but for now they will go both places. It requires forum mod permissions to generate reports the same as the old logs but the URL can be given to anyone to use after it's generated. In the viewer you can generate a report with various options and it will be added to the list up top. Leave the player field blank to show logs for all players, but the title field is required. Then there are links to view the report and it shows the last time the link was used. The reports keep updated with current data automatically, but may be cached up to an hour the same as the other stuff through the API.

The URL generated is viewable by anyone without logging in even so keep it secret if you do not mean to share that data, you can use the lastviewed time to see the last time a link was used. If you are giving it to someone you need to keep an eye on generate a unique link for them and you can revoke access through that link at any time.

There is both an HTML and CSV view, the data should be roughly the same, the CSV includes a few extra IDs for the people and items that are mainly usable when parsing by machine and not for reading in person. There may not be a full months worth of data there at this point but there will be at least that much before old data gets removed.

Reasons to join a Guild

When you join a Guild (a good, cooperative Guild that is), you can help others and in return receive help from others as you play Movoda. You can gain new friends and new enemies this way, too. The cooperative help of a good Guild can help you gain levels faster as you are all each working on separate skills for the good of your Guild.

If you don't want to join a Guild, you can create your own. If you think you have what it takes to recruit and retain members, join the list of growing Guilds in Movoda and put forth your best effort to become a leader of a Guild. Be mindful of who you recruit; thieves and murderers are out there!

How to create a Guild

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