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automatically displays the UK's current threat from terrorism

This is the Flag which represents my country Northern ireland (As some people have asked what it's for)

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Northern Ireland
Some people objected to my light hearted look on my own country so I will now make this bit informative. Northern ireland was created in 1920 under the, Ireland act of 1920. This gave us our own Identity as a separate country from ireland which became a free state in 1922 (7 December 1922 Northern Ireland opted out of the Free State as this is what the majority of citizens wanted.) and later known as Republic of Ireland in 1949 in an amendment to the act of Ireland, this guaranteeing Northern Ireland's place in the United Kingdom. Northern Ireland is a beautiful country with a lot of traditions. Most importantly is the 12th of July celebrations (A bit like Guy Fawks night in England) were we celebrate the winning of the Battle of the Boyne, it is a recognised Public holiday and is ment to be a celebration for all but in recent times people have used it as a cheap way to gain attention for their pointless causes. In all there are over parades organized in my country through the year.
Some other things we do for fun is support our national football team Northern ireland who have had a string of successes lately. My country has roughly 1.5 million citizens. We have a lot of paintings “murals” through out the towns of Northern ireland especially in the 2 biggest citys Belfast and Londonderry some in support of our Football team as shown

The paintings are beautiful and well drawn and part of the culture of the area, some of the murals are even used for advertising lol look

There are even murals in memory of the titanic which was built in Belfast

The unionist side of the community tend to have paintings showing times when they were victorious in the past as shown in this picture

as well as showing the organisations created to defend the people of Northern Ireland against attack from IRA terrorists

On the other side of the community the Republicans tend to have murals to grieve their losses in their campaign which had little triumphs. The guy below is an IRA terrorist who on his second time in jail decided to kill himself because he and other terrorists were not given special privileges like extra family visits, no prison work and not having to wear a prison uniform. It was because the country's government refused to give the murderer special treatment he decided to hunger strike and eventually died in the prison his image is visible around the country.

Our country's capital city Belfast is were the Titanic was made that is probably the thing most people associate Belfast with apart from the IRA bombs seen on TV in more recent times. I live near the capital in a famously scenic area of the country along its coast. The town I live in is were the first people who inhabited the land were said to have arrived from Scotland.

I am a British citizen and find it quite offensive when people call me irish. This is something I forgive people for, as not a lot of people understand especially people from the other side of the Atlantic. Although when people do not respect my wishes to identify me by my correct nationality i get very upset. I prefer to be called Northern irish or British

Quotes form Northern Ireland

Protestant: Can i walk past your house Mr?
Catholic: No way this is Northern Ireland, go the long way around.

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Stainmaster's Skills

Alice May Craig was born in a hospital to a wealthy merchant and his wife and minutes later, after further inspection of his “no spot” his name was promptly changed to Stainmaster. Refusing to be born wearing clothes, he emerged from the womb retaining strong and non-negotiable, radical ideals. Believing sexual research was the key to unlocking the mysteries of the elusive female he never felt ashamed to let his 9 inches flow freely. He always danced to the beat of a different drum due to the fact that he created a drum out of a discarded Quaker Oats can that he always carried around and danced with. No stranger to adversity, in 5th year Derek battled an alcohol addiction while learning to walk again…to this day he claims that year was his “awkward phase”. He now resides in a room and does stuff for a living. He would like to thank people for doing things and gives mad props to some deity or something.

Stainmaster has been accredited to many things during his short life on earth one of which is “The Cat-Toast Device” is the never-ending source of energy that powers Movoda and various other sophisticated machines (Also known as “The Buttered Cat Turbine”).

The device is composed of two pure substances:

Stainmaster, always one to recognize the violation of laws of quantum mechanics, found a way to harness the limitless potential energy of the hovering cat-toast creation to power his electronic devices.

The Cat-Toast Device will one day be used to create artificial gravity for space stations. Stainmaster also wishes to exploit this discovery to some how harness the power, in ways that can be used in his already unexplainable way with women. When the two energies combine he wishes to monopolise his already unfair advantage over other males.

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