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Item: Tuna Salad
Weight: 3 stones
Class: food
Effects: +2 Magic Fish Finding for 30 minutes

Can be made at Cooking Level 46 (Odtoni)
Materials Required:

mskwik: There is both a hard cap and a soft cap on the effects (so you get diminished effects once over the soft cap). I'll leave it up to experimentation to figure out optimal amounts to use them in.

100% success at 62 Cook submitted by protect me 

1 Magic Fish obtained from using 50 Tuna Salad in fishing flounders at min time (experimented by Transport)

Multiple Magic Fish while fishing different fish by only eating 10 at a time.I have also found that using 5 tuna salads with stirfries are the best for HMS. I have caught 3 mf on average per setting throughout time.(experimented by Noonespecial)

Eating 25 at a time seems to give me the best effect, any more doesn't seem to improve it, any less doesn't seem to give as much, you can't look at it short term though, it's very well possible you don't get magic fish at all, but long term, my best increase seems to be with eating around 25 at a time. Also, since in my experience HMS is the best place for MF, I suggest using them there over stern. And also in combination with -time food for the obvious reasons. (Rhand Altor)