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My son Ricky. Diagnosed with Autism Feb / 17 / 2010?


Things I said to the bf when I found out I was pregnant:
*How do you feel about Jesus?
*Somebody had to be the loser, you don't have the uterus, you lose!
*Now we don't have to adopt.
*Can't hate the Jesus baby, you're a bad person if you hate Jesus.
*It was meant to be. You've been infertile all these years, and God decided to bless us with a baby.
*God doesn't make mistakes, we do, but God doesn't.
*Father's Day will be better from now on.
*Will help Rick's autism, cause he'll get to interact with another kid. when the world turns against him, he'll always have a sibling.
*All sex is safe sex for the next 9 months.
*Atleast it's not AIDS!!
*I'm giving you the gift that keeps on giving, and it's not herpes.
*God knew you'd be a good daddy. How can you argue with God?
*Satan would love you if you got rid of the Jesus baby.
*It could cure cancer one day, it has already cured infertility.
*Rick is already happy.
*It's immaculate
*At least I didn't use Face Book? to tell you.
You don't have to believe it's yours, just because people don't believe in God doesn't mean he isn't there, and when the DNA test comes back, I want an apology.


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Guild Position: Head Fisher
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<— the movy cooking fires
<— The Riddlers Guild Compound
<— Genesis visiting another guild to help them start building
<— movy boats
<— movy backpack
<— Lubi's Smithing Shack
<— Troll's Hangout
<— Smithing Hammer
<— Speed 2 Boats
<— Rawdog with Hot Hands
<— Ponat Pier
<— HMS Halieutika
<— Santa_Larry (I'm sorry it was just too damn good to pass up)

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