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Hey all, minichibi (former name lilmissy174) here.
I am The Exiled Elf. It's time to leave the past behind. *wink*
I am currently in the guild, Redemption (Guild Tag: [RED]), and the people in this guild are like another family to me. I used to be in 7Sins and Whatever, and I love all their members to bits and pieces (except Kovo89 :P), so if you mess with these three guilds, you may end up missing a head or body (whichever way you want to look at it).

For all those who don't want to deal with scrolling:
I am currently a level 58 Odtoni crafter. I am available to craft Odtoni goods or any goods (meaning items that can be crafted by crafters of all nationalities). Just as any other crafters will tell you, if you want all goods returned, you MUST provide the appropriate number of Stuffed Peppers or Chief Crafters. I may also ask for Raisin Bread or Pizza if the items you want crafted are in bulk (+500 considered “in bulk”) Drop me a message or find me in chat. Thanks!

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About Me:

9 lilmissy174 [7Sins] 41 3,128,891 +17,449 (+31,975)
10 Barabil [Co M] 41 3,127,450
I have finally passed my trainer in crafting. It's your fault I'm a crafter! :P (As of July 22, 2008)

my stats:


Member Since: 2007-01-02 01:36:04
Active playing time: 1315 Days, 9 Hours, 44 Minutes
Member Number: 0000000569
Character Experience: 45,228,988
Character Level: 81
Highest Skill: Cooking Level 78
Nationality: Erfdarian
Guild: Redemption
Guild Position: Knives Chau

minichibi's Skills
Monsters killed by minichibi

Ranked #247 in Character Experience
Ranked #92 at Speed
Ranked #409 at Mining
Ranked #616 at Combat
Ranked #50 at Magic
Ranked #52 at Trading
Ranked #137 at Woodcutting
Ranked #190 at Smithing
Ranked #61 at Construction
Ranked #38 at Cooking
Ranked #378 at Fishing
Ranked #17 at Crafting
Ranked #73 at Harvesting

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